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Cretan residential prices stable despite the increased demand in 2023

According to the "Danos Group Property Market Overviews for the 2nd Semester of 2023", average house sale prices in the Crete has been stabilising.

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  News Tourism  |  Infrastructure  |  Crete
Heraklion International Airport N. Kazantzakis closed for refurbishment works

Airliners have increased their routes to and from Chania and Sitia airports to better serve passengers.

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More than 30% of the works in the new airport of Kastelli built by TERNA

The Police building and the supporting body of the water building are both almost complete.

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  News Economy  |  Infrastructure  |  Crete
Ioannis Metsovitis has been appointed as the General Manager of the New International Airport of Heraklion Crete

The "Heraklion International Airport of Crete" (IAHC) company was established to construct and manage the New International Airport in Kasteli, Crete.

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The GEK TERNA Group has reportedly submitted the winning bid for the Northern Road Axis of Crete

The concession period is 35 years, of which up to five (5) years (up to 60 months) is the design-construction period.

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Meliá Hotels International observed consistent upward trend in Greek tourism industry

Crete and Rhodes seem to continue to dominate the markets of Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Poland and Scandinavia in 2023.

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By the end of September is expected to be declared the contractor of the VOAK concession

The three biding schemes have the right to submit a Pre-Trial Appeal within an exclusive period of ten days from its notification which will be communicated through the Virtual Data Space (VDS).

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  News Deals  |  Tourism  |  Hotels  |  Crete
Sani/Ikos on an impressive hotel ivestment in Crete

In the plot is planned to be developed the first hotel complex under the Ikos resorts brand on the island of Crete.