New building standards for plots not comprised in urban development plans
New building standards for plots not comprised in urban development plans

New building standards for plots not comprised in urban development plans

Building conditions in suitable for development plots that span less than 400.000sqm will be calculated through a new mathematical formula.
Dimitris I. Papadomarkakis

The Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy tabled a bill titled "Integrated framework for waste management" for vote in parliament according to which it is aimed to tackle building conditions for plots that have not been comprised in urban development plans. The new bill sets new building standards for this type of plots.


In particular the bill clarifies the 4759/2020 law of the Greek state in terms of the appropriate use of land plots suitable for development, such as:

  • Agro-livestock, agro-poultry buildings, aquaculture buildings, slaughterhouses, agricultural warehouses, tanks, greenhouses and other agricultural constructions as of the article 2 of the 24.5.1985 (D '270) presidential decree, may exceed 0.8.
  • Τhe aquatic animals' cultivation tanks are included in the deviations of case a paragraph 2 of the presidential decree of 24.5.1985 but their maximum height is set at 50 cm.
  • Industrial buildings and installations of article 4 of the presidential decree of 24.5.1985 (D '270) may have a maximum building coefficient that may exceed 0.6 and a maximum coefficient by volume of exploitation 4.
  • Buildings that will solely be used as offices of article 5 of 24.5.1985 presidential decree may have a maximum buildable area that exceeds 550 sqm as well as a total surface of floors that exceeds 550 sqm.
  • For residential properties the maximum allowed surface of the building as well as the total surface of the roofs may exceed specific number of square meters that is pending on the partivular use of the plot.

In the bill is also been presented a new mathematical formula through which can be calculated particular building standards for plots that are suitable for development and span less than 400.000sqm.

According to the new adjustments the maximum number of buildable area in such plot is been computed relatively to the total spanning area of the plot.