The new "Saving" program has been announced
The new "Saving" program has been announced

The new "Saving" program has been announced

The new cycle begins in October with the aim of facilitating energy upgrades of 50,000 homes
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Aiming at the energy upgrade of 50,000 homes, the new cycle of the "Saving" program starts in October.

The total budget of the program amounts to 632 million euros which come from the Recovery Fund which together with leverage will mobilize funds over 1 billion euros.
The main features of the program presented today by the Minister of Environment and Energy Costas Skrekas, together with the Secretary General of the Ministry Alexandra Sdoukou and the President of TEE George Stasinos are as follows:
Applications will be evaluated by scoring energy, economic and social criteria. The subsidy rate that will reach up to 75% will depend on the family income.

Eligible residences can be an individual apartment, a detached house as well as the apartment building that:
1. Exists legally and has not been deemed demolishable.
2. Is used as a main residence and is privately owned.
3. Has been classified based on the A 'Energy Efficiency Certificate (A' PEA) in a category lower than or equal to C.
4. Has issued an Electronic ID of the Building / Divided Property
5. The apartment building must have a valid tax registration number (TIN)
6. For an application for an Individual Apartment or a Detached House, the main use concerns exclusively the applicant (own residence).
The maximum budget of eligible energy saving interventions per application, including VAT, may not exceed:
✓ The product of € 0.9 on the estimated annual primary energy savings (kWh) as it results from the A 'PEA (re-checked during the submission of the B' PEA)
✓ The product of € 180.00 on the surface of main rooms (m2)
✓ The amount of € 28,000 for eligible interventions
Applications will be submitted electronically for a period of one month from the specified start date and will be simultaneous throughout the state.

The submission of applications will be done with the method of Comparative Evaluation
After the submission, the score of each applicant will be announced. (This can be calculated in advance)
After the end of the submission period and after the ranking tables are issued and finalized, the list of applications will be compiled, based on the data available resources of the program per Prefecture.
The approved proposals (physical and financial object) must be completed within twelve (12) months from the date of issuance of the affiliation decision.
The application submission and evaluation platform will operate at the TEE and will remain open for one month in order to have time to prepare.
The possibility of submitting applications for interventions exclusively in common areas of apartment buildings is abolished. Eligible interventions also do not include the upgrade of the elevator and the installation of photovoltaics for which there will be separate programs.
The tax incentives (tax exemptions) are still valid for those who are not part of the new "Saving" program.