Road safety projects in 7,000 locations across Greece
Road safety projects in 7,000 locations across Greece

Road safety projects in 7,000 locations across Greece

The program of road safety projects of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has now entered the final stage for its implementation.
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A € 450 million loan agreement is signed between EIB and EGNATIA ODOS SA

A loan agreement of 450 million euros was signed between the European Investment Bank (EIB) and EGNATIA ODOS SA for the implementation of the Road Safety Improvement Program (PEVOA).

Specifically, the integrated action plan for Road Safety Improvement Interventions Program was based on the Road Safety Intervention Studies, completed by EGNATIA ODOS SA in the framework of the Operational Program "Enhancement of Accessibility".

In total:

  • 60 Studies were implemented that cover all the Regional Units in all 13 Regions of the country.
  • Road sections of 15,000 km were studied, of which 4,200 km of highways and 10,800 km of ring roads.
  • The studies resulted in the identification of approximately 7,000 dangerous places, extending over 2,500 km of the road network, on 80 roads.

PEVOA includes work in hazardous locations throughout the country, that are not to be road maintenance, but small-scale construction interventions of low cost and high efficiency.

Specifically, these are upgrades and replacement works of road equipment (demarcation, road markings, safety railings, power damping units, electromechanical installations, etc.), infrastructure improvements (road widening, restoration of road damage,asphalt pavements,non-slip lining,sewerage projects,trenches,supports, sidewalk islands, etc.), as well as formation of level junctions.