Greek visitors retrieve their pro-covid tourism habits
Greek visitors retrieve their pro-covid tourism habits
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Greek visitors retrieve their pro-covid tourism habits

Road trips and the "tourism for all" program had been the two main travel channels that Greek tourists used the most this summer.
RE+D magazine

Greek travelers are getting a lead back in visiting Greek tourist destinations around the country a fact that is being recorded as a sign of optimisms for market prospects in local communities.

The holiday subsidy programs that were issued by the Ministries of Tourism and Labor have also helped in this development given the fact that many have applied for leisure financing.

It is remarkable that until September 2, 47.170 vouchers were redeemed, a number that corresponds to a total of 99.950 beneficiaries.

These outnumbers the 2020 relevant data that amounted to only 23.840 vouchers and 46.945 beneficiaries.

It is noteworthy that the program was extended for the whole of 2021. It included 631 new accommodations and 41 travel agencies as providers, now covering the stay of 2, 3 or 4 days at the choice of the beneficiary - instead of the mandatory 4 that was valid until last year - Coverage rates have been increased from 60% to 80% to 100% per case, while 100% coverage is offered to people with disabilities and issues with their attendants have been resolved.

The program also expanded to new beneficiaries offering 70,852 new vouchers to 128,351 new beneficiaries of the program.