The use of drones is transforming the construction industry
The use of drones is transforming the construction industry

The use of drones is transforming the construction industry

The industry has been transformed by the new technology which has enhanced design, security and mapping procedures.
Eirini Theofanidou

The use of drones and the technology including artificial intelligence in various industries has become increasingly popular in recent years.


Among the industries that seems to be benefited greatly by this is the construction industry as the modern technology they offer helps not in one but in many ways in the development of a project and even the promotion of the company that has it undertaken.

An unmanned aircraft is a useful tool available to land surveyors since it can "scan" an area or part of a building with a laser for design purposes. This can be especially difficult when surveyors try to scan the upper parts of a property. But using a drone make possible an accurate and detailed topography of the building.

The virtual "walk" in the construction area can help prevent any construction "failures" but also to record various phases of the project that contain higher levels of risk. This technology could help there through "virtual" work. Drones can help employees do this using First Person View (FPV) technology, which transmits HD footage to contractors and provides live streaming.

In fact, on-site inspections mean costs that are significantly reduced by recording project progress and site safety as they can be done by monitoring live broadcast from the office or recorded by the drone, thus enabling the recording of details that escape the human eye.

Also, drones can be almost anywhere at the same time. They not only reduce sabotage and keep employees safer but also set up a real-time monitoring system, which has already been adopted by several construction companies. Thus upgrading security to a maximum.

Promotional photography

Finally, they can help in the promotion of the construction company that has undertaken the project since every time a construction project is completed, it is always important to take photographic material with the best possible appearance so that the project itself or even the development company to be able to advertise. With drones, the ability to take aerial shots adds a new dimension to the projection of construction projects. An unmanned aircraft, provided it is properly operated, can record videos and photos in 4K HD from unique angles and sides, offering a new perspective on the project. Drones are especially useful to real estate agents who want to show real estate that they are trying to sell.