Attiki Odos ran out of e-Pass devices
Attiki Odos ran out of e-Pass devices

Attiki Odos ran out of e-Pass devices

The lack of microprocessors (microchips) that are the main equipment of the devices is serious.
RE+D magazine

The users and the administration of Attiki Odos are facing huge issues due to the lack of new e-PASS transceivers.

The company said in a statement that the lack of transceivers has occurred worldwide due to the emergency conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and resulted from deficiencies and malfunctions in the supply chain of microchips that are standard equipment of transmitter devices. supplier companies to limit their availability to all their customers.

The universal application of interoperability on all highways in the country, in November 2020, multiplied the requests for new transceivers, with the demand from Attiki Odos being clearly increased compared to the other highways given the multiple crossings it presents but and the significant discounts offered by their use on Attiki Odos.

"For the service of the users and until the supply of e-PASS devices is normalized, Attiki Odos normally distributes the electronic transceivers to all the new subscribers who are included in the programs that offer the biggest discounts exceeding 30%, ie the Bonus Programs , Friendly and Business that serve the daily and very frequent users, in order to fully enjoy the relevant privileges.

For registration in the Express Program used by occasional and not frequent users and who are offered a discount price of 2.55 euros instead of 2.80 euros (8.9% discount) no e-PASS devices are available but are temporarily granted for immediate use special electronic Cards, the use of which ensures the provision of a full discount. The crossing is done from the lanes with a collector, but they are loaded electronically and the transaction is intact and is done quickly and with full assurance of the health protocols. It is pointed out that requests of existing subscribers for replacement of electronic transceivers that need to be changed, are served in their entirety ".

The situation is expected to normalize within the next quarter.

Since 2003, a total of approximately 1,292,000 electronic e-PASS transceivers have been sold, of which more than 750,000 and 84,000 Active Cards are active.