"Double Regeneration" of Votanikos to proceed rapidly
"Double Regeneration" of Votanikos to proceed rapidly

"Double Regeneration" of Votanikos to proceed rapidly

The terms of the bilateral contract with PAE Panathinaikos have already been approved by the council of the Sports Club in an extraordinary BoD which took place on the afternoon of Tuesday (09/02)
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Εχουν λίγο ή πολύ δρομολογηθεί οι διμερείς ή πολυμερείς συμβάσεις ανάμεσα σε όλες τις εμπλεκόμενες πλευρές.


Νow the whole process passes to the next -equally important- level, since it overcame perhaps the most important "thorn" on the road to the implementation of the "Double Regeneration".

This is because all other bilateral or multilateral agreements between all parties involved (in "Double Regeneration"), have more or less been launched in the intervening period since the signing of the MoU on November 20 between the "6" (Government , Municipality of Athens, Attica Region, Amateur Panathinaikos, PAE and AEL Eleonas / Alpha-Piraeus bank consortium).

Specifically, the contract of the Municipality of Athens with Amateur Panathinaikos for Votanikos has advanced, that of PAE with the municipal authority (regarding the "rental" of commercial uses, etc.), is at a very advanced stage, while at the same time all other bodies "run” their own contracts.

The ... ball is now transferred to the "field" of Amateur Panathinaikos, which will seek to capture as clearly as possible, all the terms of the agreement, both the bilateral contract with PAE, and the one it will make with the Municipality of Athens, to bring them to a vote in front of the General Meeting for approval (or rejection).

When will this General Assembly take place, is of course a ... question, due to the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdowns that will take the whole process even further. Because it is rather ... unlikely that a General Meeting will be appointed, even as soon as March, in order for the members of the Amateur Team, who are approaching 5,000, to gather and vote.

Article 12 of the Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation ("Basic Timetable for Next Action"), signed on 20 November, states that "... the Contracting Parties declare that, in implementation of this and subject to its specific provisions, they will conclude individual bilateral or multilateral agreements with each other or with those who derive rights from them until 30.3.2021 ".

In addition, Article 14 ("Non-implementation of the Double Regeneration Program") emphasizes that "... but in case the required bilateral or multilateral agreements are not signed within the prescribed time limits and in any case by the deadline of 30.6 .2021, the Contracting Parties may be released from this Memorandum without compensation and without being able to raise a claim against the other Contracting Parties for the actions they have taken until their release from now under the implementation of the Double Regeneration Program ".