The pandemic has increased the so-called "revenge travel"
The pandemic has increased the so-called "revenge travel"
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The pandemic has increased the so-called "revenge travel"

After millions of people were stuck in their homes for almost two years, something that seemed like an eternity", today and with vaccinations boosting travel confidence against Covid-19, people want to travel as much as anything else.
Eirini Theofanidou

What is the profile of travelers in this category and how can they be attracted by property owners.

According to travel agents, #revengetravel has become very popular lately. These are trips that are called so, not because one takes revenge on someone else, but because they include increased "passion" and in some cases "extreme" choices. This is a category of tourists that property owners are trying to attract as much as possible, either through tourist accommodation or through a short-term rental platform.

But what is revenge travel and how does a traveler in this category behave?

Revenge Travel is a culture where people are more willing than ever to travel and less willing to cancel holiday plans (especially this year after quarantine due to coronavirus protective measures). Importantly, vaccinations have boosted travel confidence.

Another feature of this category is the tendency of a traveler to go further. That is, they are willing to explore exotic locations and spend more money than usual.

They prefer domestic tourism to international travel and now, due to the pandemic situation, they prefer "safe" destinations, ie locations that are not in the "red zone" of Covid-19 cases.

Travelers in this category prefer flexibility in destination, cancellation and last minute changes, as things can change very quickly due to the pandemic.