HFSF core mission is to actively support Greek banks

HFSF core mission is to actively support Greek banks


We are continuing the Fund's divestment program in a dynamic and coordinated manner with the successful completion of the sale of our entire stake in Alpha Bank, to one of the leading institutional strategic investors in Europe. We sincerely thank the Bank's Management and employees for our excellent cooperation over the years and its positive results.

We are proceeding, in parallel, with the disposal of part of our equity participation in the National Bank of Greece, which is expected to be completed on November 17.

Our main mission at the HFSF is to actively support Greek banks and the national economy, enhancing competitiveness and ensuring the stability of the country's financial system. With the completion of the Divestment Strategy we will have effectively fulfilled our purpose, having implemented the most important development investment that has been made in the Greek banking sector and the Greek economy in general in recent years.

We feel particularly proud of our contribution to the critical task of restoring the capital resilience and profitability of Greek Banks, as well as the competitiveness and development perspective of the Greek economy, having set as the main goal the achievement of the country's sustainable financial stability.