Ancient Messina service infrastructure upgrade
Ancient Messina service infrastructure upgrade
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Ancient Messina service infrastructure upgrade

RE+D magazine

The archaeological site of Ancient Messina will have a refurbished visitor service infrastructure by the end of 2025.

The Central Archaeological Council gave a unanimously positive opinion on the final architectural studies of the construction of a shop and the configuration of public service infrastructure, at the North and South entrance of the archaeological site, as adapted to the new excavation data.

It is one of the best preserved, preserved and restored archaeological sites, thanks to the late Petros Themelis, while it is a pole of attraction for thousands of visitors from all over the world. The three complete and restored spaces, the Theater, the Church Hall, the Asklepiion come to life every summer from the multitude of people who flock to watch theatrical performances and musical events, organized by various organizations.

Ancient Messina and the unspoiled natural environment in which it is located make it a cultural and environmental monument, of utmost importance for the economic and cultural development not only of Messinia, but also of the wider Peloponnese region. The rescue excavation carried out at the originally proposed construction sites of the buildings yielded building remains that probably belong to part of a residential complex of the late classical-Hellenistic period. The building remains follow the orientation of the buildings of the ancient city based on the Hippodamian urban planning system and are probably part of the residential network of the private houses of the ancient city.