Cerved's first international conference on innovative technologies in Greek real estate
Cerved's first international conference on innovative technologies in Greek real estate

Cerved's first international conference on innovative technologies in Greek real estate

The conference was entitled "Innovative technologies in the Greek Real Estate market"
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An important conference took place for the first time in Athens, organized by CPS, a member of the multinational group Cerved, which provides expertise and comprehensive services in the Greek and international real estate markets.

The conference was entitled "Innovative technologies in the Greek Real Estate market".

Through this step, the opportunity was given to distinguished Greek and international professionals and academics to develop their opinions on applied topics such as:

  • The use of automated property valuation models.
  • The definition of internationally accepted quality standards for real estate
  • The current certification framework for real estate valuation at pan-European level.
  • The modeling of information around the building
  • The adoption of best energy sustainability practices in the Greek private and public real estate market.

The CEO of Cerved Property Services Dr. D. Andritsos, who emphasized the importance of the company's long-term investment in databases and the creation of innovative technologies through which upgraded services are offered to clients from the broader field of real estate.

The conference was attended for the first time by executives from the European AVM Alliance, where CPS is the only member of the Union with an active presence in the Greek real estate market and in wider SE Europe, the General Director, Dr. Andreas Booker as well as the AVM Standards Commissioner, Dr. Sanio Nitse thoroughly analyzed the high technical standards followed by all EAA members as well as the context of the continuous evaluation of the performance and accuracy of the automated models in question.

Afterwards, the Professor of Statistics of the Athens University of Economics, Dimitrios Karlis and Dr. Dimitris Papastamos, Director of Valuations, Research and Analysis at CPS, presented a very interesting case study on the quality control of the current Ministry of Finance zone prices using Systems of Mass Appraisal (CAMA).

Dr. A. Lambropoulos President of the Hellenic Geographic Information Society (HellasGIs) presented the developments in the field of geospatial systems and was followed by Dr. P. Lolonis, executive of the Hellenic Land Registry, who analyzed the prospects of using the geospatial data of the Hellenic Land Registry in valuation in order to make property valuations more reliable and to upgrade the final product.

Dr. D. Papastamos together with Mr. S. Safra presented the data warehouse structure of CPS and its real-time communication with the company's estimation platform which flexibly adapts to the needs of each client.

Dimand's Project Manager for the Tower of Piraeus, Mr. Natalis Petrovich, referred to building information modeling as applied to the reconstruction of this iconic building for the city of Piraeus.

The head of Environmental Upgrade of Cerved Property Services Mr. Ioannis Pappas spoke about the adoption of the best energy sustainability practices of the buildings.

The conference closed with the round table discussion in which, among others, the former Deputy Governor of the Bank of Greece Dr. Th. Mitrakos and the President of the Hellenic Institute of Appreciation Dr. Th. Konstantakopoulos together with the president of the Association of Appraisers of Greece, Ms. A. Dunavi and Ms. Pola Boura, member of the board of RICS Greece.

As for the main conclusions of the conference, these are comprised to the following

  • very important progress was made in the modernization and digitization of the Greek real estate market
  • there's a considerable distance left for the Greek real estate market to converge with the corresponding European one
  • there are positive prospects of the Greek real estate market despite the recent geopolitical developments and the economic insecurity they entail.