Dimand declares a share buyback program
Dimand declares a share buyback program
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Dimand declares a share buyback program

RE+D magazine

A new buyback program was announced by Dimand following the relevant decesion of the Ordinary General Assembly of the company's shareholders.

In partivular, the Annual General Assembly of the shareholders on June 22, 2023, approved the adoption of an Own Shares Buy Back Program according to articles 49 and 50 of law 4548/2018, with the following terms: 

The approval of the Own Shares Buy Back Program has been made for any purpose and use permitted by the applicable legislation (including, indicatively but not restrictively, the purpose of reducing the share capital of the Company and the cancellation of the own shares acquired by the Company and/or its distribution to the staff and/or members of the board of directors of the Company and/or of affiliated companies, always in accordance with the each time applicable Remuneration Policy of the Company) up to 0.803% of the paid up share capital of the Company, i.e. total up to a hundred fifty thousand (18,680,300 Χ 0.803%) shares (in addition to the own shares already owned by the Company by virtue of the current program, i.e. up to 300,000 shares in total at any given time, which correspond to the total of (1.61%) of the share capital of the Company, at a range of prices varying between €10.00 (minimum price) up to €20 (maximum price) per share, for a total period of time of twelve (12) months from the date of the resolution of this decision. 

Furthermore, the above mentioned Annual General Assembly approved the grant of authorization to the Board of Directors of the Company to determine at its absolute discretion any other relevant condition for the implementation of the above, as well as to take any required action for the above purpose including the possibility of further delegating some or all of the said powers.