Dimand engages in €400M investments deployed in Thessaloniki
Dimand engages in €400M investments deployed in Thessaloniki

Dimand engages in €400M investments deployed in Thessaloniki

The major urban regeneration of the FIX complex located in Thessaloniki stands out.
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DIMAND recently presented its investment plan for Thessaloniki, at an event held at the former premises of the FIX brewery.

The company, as part of its development course, implements investments with a total gross value of approximately €400,000,000, among which the major urban regeneration of the FIX complex, located on 26th October Street, stands out. As the listed company states, the reconstruction of the historic brewery is part of the country's industrial heritage and is part of the wider urban regeneration plan that DIMAND has designed and is implementing in Northern Greece. It is an investment with an estimated value of €180,000,000, in which the company ELVIAL participates as a co-investor.

"We feel proud of the redevelopment of this great property, which is one of the most important industrial monuments of Greece and part of the history of the city. Its transformation we aspire to contribute to the revitalization of the wider area and the overall regeneration of the West Entrance of Thessaloniki", said Mr. Andriopoulos CEO of Dimand during the presentation of the Project in the presence of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, underlining that "for DIMAND it is a strategic choice to acquisition and regeneration of buildings of historical importance, as in this way we participate in the modern history of cities, upgrading entire neighborhoods".

The development


In further detail the development discussed comprised the restoration and reuse of the three preserved complexes of the former brewery as well as the construction of two new building volumes, certified according to the internationally recognized sustainable development system LEED at GOLD level, with two common underground parking spaces. The total area of the property is estimated at 46,500 sq.m. The purchase of the property by the company has been completed and the maturation processes are already underway, so that on the 23-acre area, residences, hotels, dining and culture venues, commercial activities and office spaces can be developed.

In the revival of the monument, an important role for its restoration is the strict preservation of its form, its architecture and its complex massing, as the greater part and the technological equipment of the complex has been designated as a preserved monument of industrial heritage (Government Gazette 479/ B/24.6.1994).

Preparatory works have already started and the project is expected to be completed in phases by Q2 2027.

The collaboration with Prodea


The company is also developing in Thessaloniki the first large-scale bioclimatic business park in Northern Greece, in a joint venture with PRODEA Investments. HUB26, located opposite the FIX property, will be an innovative business space for national and multinational companies. The project concerns the construction of a new office complex, four buildings, with a total superstructure of 20,200 sq.m. with basements of 10,800 sq.m., on an area of 7,700 sq.m.

In addition, the CITRUS building is added to the same development, which completes the construction of four thousand six hundred square meters (4,600 sq.m.), on a total area of 9 acres.

The implementation of HUB26 and CITRUS will be completed in phases from Autumn 2023 onwards. These are developments that are expected to be certified with LEED Gold and to contribute significantly to the upgrading of the western entrance of Thessaloniki and, by extension, to the further strengthening of its position and its importance internationally. The works are part of the wider redevelopment program of the Western Gate which, among other things, includes new areas for public use, such as pedestrian and cycle paths, which will connect the various points with the city center. In this context, the company's initiative for the donation of a bicycle lane study and reconstruction of October 26, in collaboration with the Municipality and the Region, is included.

The largest logistics center in the former premises of BALKAN EXPORT

DIMAND continues to invest in Northern Greece with the development of the largest logistics center, in the former property of BALKAN EXPORT, in Agios Athanasios. In a privileged location, as it is 23 km from the center and 16 km from the city's port, it will develop peri-urban Logistics infrastructure, large-scale and with high added value. An investment that is expected to create 200 new jobs during the construction period and 150 permanent jobs during the operation of the facilities.