DKG Development brings limehome in Greece
DKG Development brings limehome in Greece
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DKG Development brings limehome in Greece

One of Europe's most active hosting startup
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DKG Development announced collaboration with one of the largest tourist accommodation management companies in Europe, starting from the center of Athens and Piraeus.

limehome GmbH, is Europe's most dynamic hospitality startup that combines the high level of service of a hotel with the comfort of an apartment by automating all the conventional processes of hotel businesses from reservation, check-in, cleaning, customer service to billing .

Leveraging its technology-based operating model, it offers both short-term and long-term stays fully equipped spaces that meet the highest standards of functionality and high aesthetics at the price of a regular hotel room.

Today it has a network of 4,250 suites in 215 locations in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Hungary.

DKG Development SA believes that the portfolio of apartments under this brand will breathe new life into the accommodation offer and will be a springboard for other accommodation to follow.

"Our commitment to diversify our investment properties and partnerships with industry leaders is not just a strategy, but a testament to our success," says Mr. Konstantinos Petridis, CEO of DKG Development. "By steadily and carefully stepping into today's changing market conditions and focusing on high-quality, performing properties for our clients, we aim to strengthen our position for continued growth with reliable partners in the future."

DKG Development is one of the fastest growing property investment, planning, development and management companies, based in Athens, developing high value and quality properties including residential, commercial and tourist accommodation throughout Greece.

The company aims within the three-year period 2023-2025 to complete the development of 2500-3000 tourist accommodation in destinations such as Athens, Thessaloniki and central points of interest in Greece, with the first 400 properties to be delivered in the first half of 2024.