Hurdles ahead for Grivalia's Project Blue in Mykonos
Hurdles ahead for Grivalia's Project Blue in Mykonos

Hurdles ahead for Grivalia's Project Blue in Mykonos

The Council of State keeps on freezing investment projects in the Greek islands
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Grivalia's famous "Project Blue" in Ano Mera of Mykonos tends to be developed into a riddle.

The investment plan that was provided for the development of tourist facilities with a capacity of 340 beds with provision for a small number of branded villas, in an area of ​​92.5 acres, at a distance of 400 meters from Kalo Livadi beach has been "frozen" by a relevant decision from the Council of State from last December and since then no one could have predicted whether the project permanently ceased or would have another chance.

The answer to this "hot" question was recently given by the head of the company, George Chrysikos, who unveiled that "Grivalia Hospitality has prepared a newly reformed file for the Mykonos Project, which is due to be submitted". In fact, the project of around € 120 million incorporates the remarks of the Council of State and tries its luck for the second time.

According to sources familiar with, the revised environmental study comprises a smaller number of beds and other interventions (entrance widening) which will reduce the environmental "burden" in the Mykonian landscape. It is recalled that this large investment promoted on the Island of the Winds by Grivalia was included in the strategic investments in 2019 by the competent Interministerial Committee. According to the original plan of the company, the project will also have swimming pools, restaurants, bars, spas, while on the seaside property, after landscaping, a luxury beach club and restaurant will be created.

Objections raised from the Municipality of Mykonos

The Mayor of Mykonos, Konstantinos Koukas, acknowledged the CoC's decision to reject the decree as a "personal victory". According to the Mayor, "the decision of the CoC fully justifies the unanimous decision of the Board of Directors to give a negative opinion on the relevant Strategic Environmental Impact Study concerning the ESHASE of the specific investment. However, in his post, Mr. Koukas points out that "respect for the environment is a necessary condition for any new investment in the island which, in addition to being morally correct, is ultimately and legally required."

The Council of State keeps on freezing investment projects in the Greek islands

The Council of State, however, continues to give a negative opinion on major projects in popular tourist islands such as Paros and Santorini. Recently, with a relevant decision, it canceled all the extensions provided for in the general urban plan of Paros, which had been approved a decade ago. According to information, the SC examined studies prepared in the late 2000s in the framework of the general urban plan, which show a rapid increase in tourism and holiday homes on the island of Paros where many settlements have expanded beyond their actual limits.

Also, in recent years it seems that more than 30 "informal" settlements have been created based on the provisions on off-plan construction. Santorini, which in recent years has been transformed into an "island of hotels", will also take turns in the "cutting" of new investments that will burden the natural environment.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister of RIS, Mr. Tagaras, announced last week the complete suspension of construction works, the issuance of building permits and the freezing of implementation acts in areas where the preparation of a Special Urban Plan has been announced. So far, the Ministry has announced five Special Urban Plans for the areas:

Municipality of Minoa Pediada

Municipality of Thira

Municipality of Mykonos

Peripheral Unit of Ilia (Municipality of Pyrgos and Municipality of Ilida)

Municipality of Corinth & Municipality of Loutraki- Perachora -Ag. Theodoron

It is been reminded that about half of Mykonos cadastre has not been completed yet.