New passive safety systems been deployed on Kifissou Avenue
New passive safety systems been deployed on Kifissou Avenue

New passive safety systems been deployed on Kifissou Avenue

Road safety interventions also on Alimos-Katehaki Avenue.
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As part of the continuous interventions of the Attica Region throughout the road network of Attica with an emphasis on roads with a high traffic load with the aim of strengthening road safety, partial restoration works are being carried out on the old safety parapets with new modern vehicle interception systems, on Kifisos Avenue.

The works are being carried out by the Directorate of Metropolitan Infrastructure Management and concern significant interventions on the right boundary line of the current of Kifisos Avenue towards Piraeus, 200 m. before the bridge of Athens Avenue (Kavala).

In particular, at this particular point there is a characteristic left curve and frequent diversions of vehicles due to excessive speed are observed, mainly at night. The result is the repeated physical injuries of the occupants and the destruction of the metal safety parapets on a permanent basis.

The new systems are harmonized with European standards and are manufactured in such a way as to present increased rigidity. At the same time, they work more effectively in the event of an accident as they allow the energy of impact to be dissipated and are properly manufactured, so that they have increased resistance over time. At the same time, they present increased safety for bicyclists as well.

In order to increase the level of road safety provided at this point, the Region of Attica replaced the metal safety parapets with a Vehicle Interception System (S.A.O.) in accordance with the European Standard ELOT-ΕΝ-1317-2. In particular, he installed prefabricated New Jersey concrete safety parapets in a length of approximately 200m, on the basis of the relevant project: "Rehabilitation of damaged and extension of safety parapets in networks of the Region of Attica" implemented by the Region with a total budget of 4 million euros.

Meanwhile, on Alimou-Katehaki Avenue, it has been established both by the traffic management center of the Attica region and by the traffic police, that when traffic conditions permit, increased speeds are developed which lead to frequent diversions of vehicles. Most of the incidents have been recorded in Alimos - Katehaki in the direction of Mesogeion at the height of the exit for Attiki road.

In order to limit the phenomenon, the Region of Attica acts on two axes: On the one hand, it informs drivers of the necessity of observing the road traffic code and speed limits, and on the other hand, it actively intervenes by increasing the anti-slip index of the road surface with the method of pellet shooting. The application of the method took place on Sunday, May 28 from 06:00 until 14:00 without significant traffic impacts as the work was carried out with a partial occupation of the roadway, in the presence of a closed type road safety vehicle of the Attica Region.