New projects comprised in Mayor Hospitality Management' portfolio
New projects comprised in Mayor Hospitality Management' portfolio
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New projects comprised in Mayor Hospitality Management' portfolio

The total amount of the investment will reach 20 million euros.
RE+D magazine

Four new boutique hotels join the portfolio of Mayor Hospitality Management.

The hotels refer to the acquisition of the Dimitriou family, after the sale of Capo Di Corfu, La Grotta Verde, Pelekas Monastery and Mon Repos Palace to the American fund HIG.

The Restia Suites Exclusive Resort in Corfu is the first acquisition of the Group which will open its doors fully renovated in 2024 and which marks the new era of Mayor in the hotel industry through its activity with boutique hotels, which promise premium accommodation experiences .

Having a solid presence in the hospitality sector since 2009 with the successful and profitable management of large-scale units, Mayor Hospitality Management, which manages the entire investment and financial portfolio of the Dimitriou family, proceeded to upgrade the Restia Suites Exclusive Resort, a five star boutique hotel which consists of 32 suites, 16 of which have private pools.

The first phase of the investment, which began in 2023, is completed this year with the hotel being re-introduced to the public after a complete renovation of its facilities and services. The second phase concerns the coming years, when Restia Suites is expected to expand to a total of 80 suites, with the amount of the investment reaching 20 million euros.

Restia Suites Exclusive Resort will offer everything that distinguishes a modern, luxurious 5* boutique hotel, emphasizing the accommodation experience through culinary experiences and wellness facilities in a privileged location on the sea.

Having a strong background of years and with prospects for dynamic expansion of its portfolio, Mayor Hospitality Management offers high-level "tailor-made" Greek hospitality services. Mayor Hospitality Management's plan includes three more hotels on the island of Faiakos, both in coastal areas and in the historic districts of Corfu, which are expected to welcome their first guests within the next two years, while the Group's interest in investments is also strong in mainland Greece and the Aegean islands.

Spirella Linardou, CEO of Mayor Hospitality Management, said: "We are particularly happy about Mayor's entry into the boutique hotel sector. Starting from Corfu, our goal is to consolidate our presence on the island, capitalizing on years of experience in hospitality, as well as to expand our footprint to other destinations in the country. The Restia Suites Exclusive Resort, like our three upcoming hotels in Corfu, embody our vision for the new era of Mayor and our dedication to the continuous evolution of the services we offer."

The reconstruction of both the Restia Suites Exclusive Resort and the subsequent projects has been undertaken by an internationally recognized architectural office.