Pending on Europeans is the sucess of the Greek tourism season of 2024
Pending on Europeans is the sucess of the Greek tourism season of 2024
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Pending on Europeans is the sucess of the Greek tourism season of 2024

Signs of optimism for the Greek tourism in 2024 at ITB 2024 in Berlin.
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Signs for the current tourism period are optimistic for Greece, as reflected in the largest international tourism exhibition, ITB 2024 in Berlin, which this year attracted over 100,000 visitors and 5,500 exhibitors from 170 countries.

Giving an impression of the actions of EOT at the ITB 2024, the General Secretary, Dimitris Fragakis, emphasizes to the Athenian Macedonian News Agency that the ITB 2024 exhibition was extremely successful for our country. In fact, he notes that the high demand that Greece has this year from the European markets has been confirmed as well as the very satisfactory flow of bookings for the next period in our popular destinations.

In fact, for 2024, he expresses his optimism for the development of the tourism year, saying the following: "I am optimistic for 2024 and I think that with the good work done by all those involved in the tourism industry, we have laid solid foundations for the development of our tourism and the years to come". In the meantime, he expresses his belief that there will be an extension of the season, stating the following: "In our meetings with the airlines and tour operators, we also had the opportunity to establish that the season starts early, while everything indicates that we will succeed in extending it and in the fall", states the general secretary of the EOT. In fact, it focuses on the two important agreements signed with Emirates and Mastercard's Innovation Hub, which highlights the leading role of our country in the tourism industry, explains Mr. Fragakis.

Crete heading for a new record high in 2024

In support of the above, the president of the Hoteliers Association of Heraklion, Nikos Chalkiadakis, who in turn was present at the international tourist exhibition, noted that indeed Crete, the flagship of Greek tourism, will move very dynamically on the 24th with the first messages to speak for themselves and for a new record of arrivals on the island. Moreover, as he says, pre-bookings are also moving upwards in relation to 2023. However, there is widespread concern among industry professionals about what will happen next with the fate of the international travel organizer FTI, whose financial problems are troubling Cretan businessmen, as the Mr. Chalkiadakis. The German tour operator in question brings thousands of tourists to Crete as well, while cooperating with many hotels, with all that this entails with their debts to them. In any case, the assessment of Nikos Chalkiadakis is that ultimately there will be no problem with the flow of Germans to Crete.

The challenges of 2024 pending on the "European wallets"

Staying with the challenges of the new year, Alexandros Angelopoulos (CEO of the Aldemar Resorts hotel group, who is a member of the XEE and a teaching professor at the Piraeus University's Master's Degree - Department of Sustainability) conveys to APE-MPE his reflection on the development of this year's tourism year, which lies in the financial narrowness of European households.

Focusing on the most important market for Greece, the German one, Mr. Angelopoulos underlines that there is a decline in demand for Greece and explains that in order for it to recover, new offers will be required from the hoteliers. In fact, he recalls that last year, a record year for Greek tourism, the five-star hotels dropped their prices in order to achieve high occupancy. At the same time, the reflection of Mr. Angelopoulos also includes his anxiety about the development of 4 large Tour Operator's, which, as he says, are looking for their buyers. However, for Mr. Angelopoulos, the optimistic scenario for 2024 will be the achievement of last year's tourism figures. "The tourism model is gradually changing in the direction that people will ask for smaller accommodations, more pristine destinations and above all they will ask to have more control over their consumption", underlines Mr. Angelopoulos referring to the next day of Greek tourism.

Continental destinations

The air of optimism that exists in 2024 for the island destinations of the country seems not to touch all the mainland destinations of Greece, with the president of the Karpenisi Hotel Association Sofia Flega noting to APE-MPE that Europeans still do not know all the corners of Greece . Despite the significant strides that have been made in the field of projection, there is much room for projection. With Mrs. Flegga present in Berlin, she notes that the goal of their presence was to put Volos airport on the map of European airlines.

However, the first messages for Evia are very encouraging, as the president of the Hoteliers' Union of Edipsos, Theodoris Roumeliotis, tells APE-MBE. From Easter onwards, the occupancy of the accommodation will go red, as there are already closed contracts from the Balkan countries and especially from Serbia and Romania, while the social tourism programs, the Evia pass etc. will give a boost to domestic tourism.

From the above, it becomes clear that the Greek tourism industry is not only warming up its engines for 2024, but is stepping on the gas in order for the country to welcome the large tourist flows from international markets. The large hotel units start on the islands from the beginning of April, while it is typical that Costa Navarino has already opened its doors and welcomes international visitors, the occupancy being at high levels.

source: AMNA