PwC Greece opens its new digital center in Ioannina
PwC Greece opens its new digital center in Ioannina
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PwC Greece opens its new digital center in Ioannina

The Digital Center Ioannina is expected to contribute in upgrading of the digital identity of the region.
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PwC is launching its new Digital Center in the city of Ioannina.

Digital Center Ioannina offers opportunities for development, employment and digital upgrade. The aim of the Digital Center Ioannina is to bring along the multitude of capabilities related to digital skills, creating the right conditions for executives in the field to collaborate and jointly achieve holistic solutions that meet the needs of modern businesses.

According to a related announcement, the Digital Center Ioannina employs highly skilled workers, the majority of whom come from residents of the city of Ioannina and the surrounding areas or graduates of local Academic Institutions. At the same time, it aspires to be a pole of attraction for workers from abroad, especially residents of Ioannina who have immigrated, thus contributing to the national goal of Brain Regain.

The Digital Center Ioannina is the second satellite office of PwC in the country, after the Tech & Innovation Hub in Patras, while the announcement of the operation of additional satellite offices in the Greek territory is expected soon, including the PwC Sustainability Hub in Rhodes .