Supermarkets' online sales value jumps 5% in 2022
Supermarkets' online sales value jumps 5% in 2022
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Supermarkets' online sales value jumps 5% in 2022

The biggest growth was recorded in the third quarter of the year with an 18% jump in sales.
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Supermarkets' online sales value jumps 5% in the twelve months of 2022 compared to 2021, with the total turnover reaching 266 million euros at retail prices including VAT, excluding Q- Commerce players Box, eFood Market, Instashop, Pop Market, Rabbit & Wolt who are constantly gaining share in the Greek market.

According to the data comprised in the annual report published by Convert Group, the biggest growth in the industry occurred in the 3rd quarter of the year with an 18% increase in sales and in the 4th quarter with a 10% increase in sales compared to 2021.

The online super market industry continues to record significant discounts in 2022, according to Convert Group. Specifically, the products were sold online at an average of 35% off the manufacturers' suggested retail price. Consumers bought online diapers 39% cheaper, feminine hygiene products 37% cheaper, cereal 36% cheaper, toilet paper 32% cheaper and cleaning supplies 26% cheaper. In general, inflation significantly affected the discounts that reach the consumer's pocket, since in 2021 they had risen to 39%.

As regards the categories that increased in value (euros) of online purchases during the period studied by the annual survey, the following changes are noted: +20% in pet products, +9% in stationery and cleaning supplies, +7% in bakery products, +6% in drinks and soft drinks, +4% in stationery and cleaning supplies, +4% in toiletries and food for babies and children, +3% in fresh food and +2% in frozen food.

During the whole year, the average consumer bought 34.3 products in each order, spending 78 euros including VAT. 12.6 of these products belong to the fresh food category. The reduction recorded in the number of products included in each order along with the simultaneous increase in total orders, confirms, according to the Convert Group report, the current tendency of consumers to process smaller but more frequent orders through the online channel. In fact, inflation clearly affects consumer baskets, as +7% increases in the average piece price are recorded.

In terms of devices,mobile & tablet devices use are increasing in terms of consumer preferences now gather 48% of orders compared to desktops & laptops, which also dominated in 2022 with 52% of orders. In addition, Monday is still the most popular day for placing orders, with the hours of 09:00-12:00 in the morning bringing together the most purchases in the online channel.