The double redevelopment project of the Municipality of Athens in Kato Patisia suburb
The double redevelopment project of the Municipality of Athens in Kato Patisia suburb

The double redevelopment project of the Municipality of Athens in Kato Patisia suburb

The first redevelopment took place in Pyrla Square and the other one on Stratigos Daglis pedestrian street
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The municipal authority is proceeding with the gradual regeneration of Athens into a modern, sustainable city with more free public spaces, modern urban equipment, infrastructure and plenty of greenery, implementing numerous renovations in the center and its 129 neighborhoods.

The Municipality of Athens has latetly delivered a double aesthetic and functional intervention in the area of ​​Kato Patisia, radically changing the image of two busy areas in the neighborhood.

The first redevelopment took place in Pyrla Square, which, after the multi-level interventions of the Municipality, once again became a favorite haunt for young and old. The crews replaced the entire existing pavement of the square with cold material plates, which contribute to reducing the temperature in the summer months, but also to the environmental upgrade of the square.

At the same time, with the aim of saving water as well as electricity, the municipal authority proceeded to fully upgrade the infrastructure of the square, reconstructing the irrigation networks of the green spaces and electric lighting. The old light fixtures and lamps were replaced with new ones of low consumption and increased efficiency, while additional lamps were placed in the dark parts of the square, consolidating the sense of security of the visitors and the residents.

Urban equipment was replaced and strengthened. New, comfortable benches have found their place in the square, giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy a few moments of rest. Also, architraves and floor-mounted waste bins were installed, so that the area is always kept clean, as well as special ramps that ensure safe and easy access for Disabled Persons to the site.

In a densely built-up area such as Kato Patisia, the reinforcement of greenery is an imperative. In this direction, the green workers diligently took care of the existing trees and flower beds, while they also proceeded with new plantings, significantly boosting the... green color in the neighborhood.

The regeneration of Pyrla Square was framed by the pedestrianization of a section of Nikolaidou Street (between Pretenderis and Ag. Dimitriou Oplon), through which the liberation of public space for pedestrians is achieved, in order to meet their multiple daily needs and to improve the microclimate of their neighborhood.

Stratigos Daglis pedestrian street

A few meters away from the refurbished Pyrla Square, the Municipality of Athens proceeded with the radical renewal of the Stratigos Daglis pedestrian street, adding another piece to the "puzzle" of the renovations in Kato Patisia.

The green pedestrian street, which is a daily meeting point for the residents, acquired a new, stylish floor made of colored cobblestones, as well as modern urban equipment. 

The services of the Municipality installed new benches, took care of the greenery of the area, while they also proceeded with new plantings. At the same time, they installed a modern irrigation system, so that the greenery is always taken care of and maintains its vitality.As part of the infrastructure projects, an additional rainwater network was created to drain the water from the gutters of the houses and connect the new network with the existing one, while the central water supply and services network was completely reconstructed to all the houses on the street in the section from Street Str. Kallari to Nirvana Street.