The Ellaktor-Intrakat's pending deal and the €4B pipeline
The Ellaktor-Intrakat's pending deal and the €4B pipeline
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The Ellaktor-Intrakat's pending deal and the €4B pipeline

The deal is estimated to reach above €210 million.
RE+D magazine

The Intrakat and Ellactor groups are close to the final agreement for the acquisition of the AKTOR construction group.

According to available information, the Board of Directors of Intrakat authorized the Vice President and CEO of the company, Alexandros Exarchou, to sign the acquisition agreement of AKTOR.

On the part of Ellaktor, a similar authorization for the negotiation of the acquisition agreement has been given to Mr. Thymios Bouloutas chief executive officer. However, for the completion of the agreement, which is expected to exceed €210 million, the "green light" is also required from the Competition Commission.

What is certain is that the union of the two strong groups in the sector leads to the creation of a giant comparable to those of GEK TERNA, which remains in first place.

Indicatively, it was unveiled that according to the latest update, the outstanding balance of projects of AKTOR and its subsidiaries alone is estimated at €2.8 billion. The contracts include the construction of the Patras - Pyrgos highway, with a total length of 74.8 km, the operating contract and maintenance of the KEL Psyttaleia, the restoration of the Isthmus canal, while it has emerged as the underdog in important projects such as the BOAK section, (Naples - Agios Nikolaos), in the construction of the Southwestern Peloponnese road axis, Kalamata - Rizomylos - Pylos - Methoni section, the extension of Kymi Avenue to the National Road at the Kalyftaki junction, worth 103.3 million

In addition, AKTOR will be the developer of the projects in the Gournes of Heraklion and the Kamba estate in Kantza, with a total estimated budget of more than 350 million euros.

As for INTRAKAT, it has an outstanding balance of contracts amounting to €1.2 billion.

Beyond the construction business, the new group will seek to acquire significant stakes in PPP projects in order to ensure stable revenue flows.