The "Recycle - Change Water Heater" program is on
The "Recycle - Change Water Heater" program is on
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The "Recycle - Change Water Heater" program is on

Greek government deployes eu funds to upgrade sustanability of home appliances.
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Today, Thursday, March 16, 2023, on the website of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, was unveiled the guide to the "Recycle - Change Water Heater" program.

Through the new program, the beneficiary households will be able to receive a subsidy for the replacement of energy-consuming electric water heaters with new, modern technology, solar water heaters.

The program has a total budget of 100 million euros, which comes from the NSRF 2014-2020, through which multiple objectives are served, since as stated by the Minister of Environment and Energy Kostas Skrekas, "the country's solar potential is utilized for hot water at no cost with obvious environmental benefits, but also added value for the Greek economy and employment".

At least 120,000 Greek households are going to directly benefit from the "Recycle - Change Water Heaters" program, for which there will be a reduction of at least 210 million tons of CO2 per year. At the same time, it will be calculated that electricity consumption for the use of hot water will be reduced by approximately 65%.

In order to be able to subsidize the purchase of a new solar water heater, it is mandatory to withdraw for recycling the old water heaters that are being replaced.

Water heaters to be recycled should:

  • To be functional before their withdrawal, which will be confirmed after a general visual inspection.
  • Before their replacement, they must be placed in the residence declared in the financing application.
  • To be electric water heaters with a capacity of ≥ 40 litres.
  • Conditions for the inclusion of beneficiaries in the program

Potential beneficiaries of the program are domestic consumers who have installed an electric water heater in their residence (and not in a business premises).

Applications should be submitted by individual natural persons who were born before January 1, 2006 and reside permanently in Greece.

Each natural person can submit only one application.

Beneficiaries with an average annual income per family member exceeding 30,000 euros are not eligible.

It is not possible to submit an application for households that have applied for or joined another energy saving program, such as for example "Save - Autonomy" or "Save 2021".