Thessaloniki emerges as an international logistics hub
Thessaloniki emerges as an international logistics hub

Thessaloniki emerges as an international logistics hub

Projects of various scales under way
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Logistics market in Greece had recorded an impressive growth over the last years, due to the increasing demand observed and the geostrategic position of the country.

During the last half of 2023 Thessaloniki's logistics sector has been attracting investors interest similarly to the first half of the year. That resulted in increasing the  figures (surface of buildings and money flows). 

Danos, an alliance member of BNP Paribas market insight report for the second half of 2023 unveiled that demand is basically focused in Western Thessaloniki, where the connection with the port and the railway is immediate. 

The demand concerns mainly the area of Κalochori, where it will be a new organized Industrial Area by 2028, the road from Sindos to Halastra, as well as Sindos (the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki). 

The pandemic contributed to the development of the sector, which played a decisive role in the faster development of ecommerce, while the upgrading of the role of Thessaloniki as a transit trade center, supported the subject trend. It is expected, that the uprise in growth will be continued within the next semester, too.

Many new projects, are either under construction or under planning in Thessaloniki while the city emerges as international logistics hub.

According to Danos, logistics areas such as Kalochori and Sindos have already gather investors interest, a trend that is expected to be continued in 2024.

In further detail projects that are currently on track comprise, a new logistics center in the western part of Thessaloniki that will be developed by Dimand on a plot of 355 acres (former Balkan Export). The total investment will range between 120 mil € and 150 mil €.In the first phase (till 2025), 55,000 sqm will be built, while by 2026 the goal is to add another 65,000 sqm.

JUMBO has already purchased land in the municipality of Lagada, near Thessaloniki, with the aim to build a distribution center.

Orilina Properties - Brevan Howard's company, also gives a vote of confidence in Thessaloniki for its first own investment in logistics. The company recently acquired an area of 46.8 acres, at the 1st kilometer of the Chalastras - Sindou provincial road, for the development of a logistics facility.

Raben Group and Astor Hellas- There are two recent new related placements: One by the transport and logistics company Raben Intertrans, a member of the Raben Group and the second by the wholesale company Astor Hellas.Both companies have acquired properties of 50 acres each, with the aim of creating Logistics Centers.

Ex Gonou - HRADF is in the process of launching the tender for the creation and development, of a commercial / logistics center, in the former Gonou military camp in Thessaloniki, which will open the gates of the Greek market in the Balkans and highlight both the city and more broadly, Northern Greece as international transit trade hub.The total surface of the ex military camp is 672 acres.