Three major infrastructure projects under development in Nafpaktos Greece
Three major infrastructure projects under development in Nafpaktos Greece

Three major infrastructure projects under development in Nafpaktos Greece

These are works to consolidate and restore the Venetian port, redevelopment of the beach front and positioning of the marina.
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The Municipality of Nafpaktos launches three projects to further develop the area, which will refurbish it into one of the most important destinations.

The works in the Venetian port

Regarding the works in the Venetian port, the contract for the project of fixing and restoring the port of Nafpaktos, with a total initial budget of 1.77 million euros, was recently signed by the Directorate for the Restoration of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Monuments of the Ministry of Culture and the contractor included in the Recovery and Resilience Fund. In more detail, the works to be carried out foresee the restoration of the cave-ins which have been a major issue for the monument for years, the construction of a new deck made of natural stones, the maintenance of the 19th century tying rings, but also new equipment, such as stainless tying rings, strakes and power turrets. The specific project, according to the Municipality of Nafpaktia, "is connected with the project of the maintenance and restoration of the south-eastern part of the castle of Nafpaktos, which will be completed in the near future with the implementing body the Ephorate of Antiquities of Etoloakarnania and Lefkada, while the budget of the project reaches 600,000 euro".

The beach front

Regarding the work on the beach front, the goal of the intervention, according to the municipality, "is the aesthetic and functional upgrade of the beach fronts on the beaches of Gribovo and Psani, in the urban center of the city, with the addition of urban equipment, playground equipment and sports fields, lighting fixtures and modern information systems". At the same time, the supply of modern information systems, such as devices for detecting bluetooth and wifi signals, devices for detecting vehicle license plates, collecting traffic data, etc., is in progress. With the completion of the projects, the municipality estimates that "the selected areas will be modernized and beautified, so that they become even more functional for citizens."

In the meantime, the project itself includes the creation of a bmx/skate track in Nafpaktos. The contract, according to the municipality, "has already been signed and provides for the construction of a track for users of sports equipment with wheels, so that children and teenagers have at their disposal suitable and safe facilities for sports and entertainment".

Marina with a capacity of 200 boats

Regarding the marina, according to the municipality, through the FILODIMOS II program, funding was secured for the studies of the sited marina in Gribovo, with a capacity of 200 boats. According to Vassilis Giza, "in 2021, the amount of 600,000 euros was approved by PHILODIMOS II, in order to be allocated for the preparation of studies in the context of the construction, improvement and maintenance of the port infrastructure of the municipal port fund".

"Of this money", he adds, "an amount of around 105,000 euros will be allocated to the studies concerning the Nafpaktos marina, since the relevant request was accepted by the Ministry of Shipping and now the municipality and the Port Fund are in the process of drawing up the amendment file the siting of the marina and the preparation of environmental impact studies, wave penetration and coastal mechanics". Finally, according to the municipality, "procedures are also progressing for the construction of the fishing shelter of Varia, on the west side of the city, as the drilling rig is expected to be installed at the site in the next few days".