Two irrigation networks to be refurbished in central Greece
Two irrigation networks to be refurbished in central Greece

Two irrigation networks to be refurbished in central Greece

The Interministerial PPP Committee has granted approval for two projects with total budget of c.€195.15M
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Two irrigation projects with a total budget of €195.15 million (plus VAT) in the Regional Authority of Pella and in the Regional Authority of Larissa - Karditsa were approved by the Interministerial PPP Committee.

The approval referes to the Irrigation Network of Almopeia with a construction budget of 115,000,000 euros (plus VAT) and the Irrigation Network of Hyperia - Orphana Karditsa with a construction budget of 80,148,358 euros (plus VAT).

In particular, the first project concerns the study, financing, construction, maintenance and technical management of the Almopeia Irrigation Network and includes the preparation of the implementation studies - construction studies of the project, the construction of the Irrigation Network, protection dykes of the upper areas, as well as the maintenance and the operation of the Irrigation Network for 23 years.

The construction of the Irrigation Network will contribute to the irrigation of cultivated lands in the north-western part of the Giannitsa plain, while simultaneously strengthening and improving the quality of the ecological supply of the Regional Ditch of Thessaloniki.

The area in question is currently poorly irrigated with water coming from a large number of private wells within the perimeter of the projects and with rough withdrawals from the Regional Ditch.

The proposed irrigated gross area of 150,000 acres has been divided into twelve irrigation zones of 10,000 to 15,000 acres. After deducting the area of settlements, roads, ditches, streams, etc., the total net cultivated area within the perimeter will amount to 120,440 acres.

The beneficiaries are estimated at around 25,000 farmers. while the project is estimated to be completed by 31.12.2025.

The object of the second project is the construction and operation of a piped irrigation network for the irrigation of the plain lands adjacent to the Enipea River mentioned in the wider area of Hyperia of the Prefecture of Larissa, as well as the Orphanes of the Prefecture of Karditsa, with a total area of 74,300 acres, where the Local Vascular Improvement Organizations (TOEB) Titanio and Enipea Farsala.

After the completion of the construction of the project, the area is expected to be irrigated mainly with quantities of water that will make use of the existing boreholes that are already operating, and are either municipal or owned by TOEB, and in addition to the available summer supplies of the Enipeas River.

More specifically, eleven separate irrigation networks are proposed that will irrigate a gross area of 74,300 acres, a net area of about 67,800 acres, and will utilize the aforementioned boreholes, with a total capacity of 14,345 m3/hour. In two of the separate networks, it is also possible to use the surface runoff of the Enipeas river, during the periods of the year it exists, by pumping the water from suitable points. In addition, the network is expected to incorporate smart technologies with sensors and automatic switches to optimize irrigation and minimize water losses and energy costs.

The beneficiaries are estimated at around 7,000 farmers, while the project is estimated to be completed by 31.12.2025.