What have Europeans requested from Mytilineos
What have Europeans requested from Mytilineos
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What have Europeans requested from Mytilineos

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The EU has urgently called on aluminum and zinc companies, including Mytilineos, to look into the possibility of producing base metals for semiconductors, after China announced plans to limit exports of gallium and germanium, the FT reports.

According to the Financial Times, the EU has approached Greek aluminum producer Mytilineos Energy & Metals, asking it to investigate the possibility of producing gallium as a by-product of the production process that turns bauxite into alumina, at Aluminum Greece's plant in Agios Nikolaos in Aspra Spitia. Boeotia.

"The EU has contacted us regarding the evaluation of how the refined alumina plant can contribute to the exit from this crisis," said Nikos Keramidas, Executive Director of European Affairs at Mytilineos. 

The EU sources 71% of its gallium and 45% of its germanium from China, according to the EU, but there are few companies outside China capable of producing the high-purity metals used to make chips, solar photovoltaic cells and optical fibers.

The Aluminum of Greece is the only alumina plant in Europe that is "running" at full production. This is the reason why the European Commission turned to Mytilineos to ask for its cooperation. The RRF has a program regarding investments to increase production.