HPF: Discussions on important changes in spatial planning on Sunday 29/11
HPF: Discussions on important changes in spatial planning on Sunday 29/11

HPF: Discussions on important changes in spatial planning on Sunday 29/11

The bill of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy that was submitted for discussion and voting in Parliament by Minister, Mr. Kostis Hatzidakis, brings significant changes, the Hellenic Property Federation (HPF/POMIDA) states in a relevant announcement.
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A number of positive provisions are included in the new bill promoted by the Ministry, according to the Federation.

Following is a translation of the HPF's announcement:

"The bill contains a number of positive provisions for citizens, such as the annual extension of the possibility of litigation of properties that were not declared in the Land Registry, the revocation of long-term road expropriations, the transfer of building factors, a solution to the problem of smallarbitrariness in apartment buildings which until now prevented the transfer of these properties etc.

Many of these provisions respond positively to persistent requests from POMIDA, which is also appointed a member of the new National Spatial Planning Council by the bill.

The bill rightly extends for one year the right to correct incorrect first registrations and claim properties registered as of an "unknown owner", but did not include the 35 areas (including Vrilissia and Elefsina) that were incomprehensibly excluded from the previous extentions, neither does it satisfy our request for recognition of the right of citizens who will permanently lose any deadline, to request the return of their property in its current state.

It also sets certain time limits to the possibility of rebuilding off-plan properties under four acres, devaluing them in the long run, but the main thing is that it still leaves unresolved the property problem of the off-plan properties.

We have clearly pointed out that as long as State services, such as the Land Registry that occupies conflicting roles, as well as the publication of forest maps, by characterizing everything as a so-called "forests", still declare and claim everything and forever by the citizens, dragging them into years of proceedings and objections in the court rooms, having as a result that both Land Registry and forest Maps cannot be complited, thus risking turning them into mechanisms for seizing private real estate".


The regulations of this bill, the mandatory rent reductions, the problems caused by the pandemic in property, the developments with ENFIA and the objective values ​​as well as all the issues that concern the property owners will be analyzed and discussed in the INFORMATIONAL EVENT-SEMINAR , which will be held on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2020, from 10 a.m. Keynote speech will be delivered by the Deputy Minister of Environment & Energy, Member of Parliament for Corinth Mr. Nikos Tagaras.

The event is organized by HPF and the ASSOCIATION OF PROPERTY OWNERS OF THE PREFECTURE OF ACHAIA, and will be broadcast online in a open livestreaming session on HPF's website: www.pomida.gr.