El. Georgiadis: The inclusion of FASTIGHETS AB BALDER in the Premia is a huge opportunity
El. Georgiadis: The inclusion of FASTIGHETS AB BALDER in the Premia is a huge opportunity
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El. Georgiadis: The inclusion of FASTIGHETS AB BALDER in the Premia is a huge opportunity

Remaining committed to the implementation of its strategic and development goals, the Management of PREMIA PROPERTIES recently completed the increase of its share capital, with the company FASTIGHETS AB BALDER acquiring a percentage of 17.22%.
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The Swedish real estate giant is making a dynamic entry into the Greek market - The investment plans.

The Swedish real estate giant, thus makes a dynamic entry for the first time in the Greek market, taking on the role of strategic investor in PREMIA PROPERTIES.

FASTIGHETS AB BALDER is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, was founded in 2005 and is active in the acquisition, development and management of real estate. It has a presence in all Nordic countries as well as in Great Britain and Germany. Its portfolio, worth approximately € 16.3 billion, consists of mainly residential and commercial real estate, in a ratio of about 60% - 40%. On 30/06/2021 it owned 1,458 investment properties, with a total rental area of ​​4.8 million square meters.

At the same time, FASTIGHETS AB BALDER owns about 60 hotels, being one of the largest hotel groups in Sweden.

The business model of FASTIGHETS AB BALDER focuses on long-term ownership, the creation of stable recurring cash flows as well as the satisfaction of customers and employees. Its investment strategy targets large urban centers since about 80% of its investment portfolio is located in capitals and large cities.

The company has more than 800 employees and is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. It is worth mentioning the steady upward trend that follows from its foundation until today, recording an annual increase of about 30%.

Mr. Erik Selin is the founder, major shareholder and CEO of FASTIGHETS AB BALDER. Mr. Selin has a successful track record of about 30 years in the Real Estate sector. It is considered a global industry authority and is listed by Forbes magazine.

Mr. Elias Georgiadis Chairman of the Board of PREMIA PROPERTIES stated: "The inclusion of a strategic investor, a giant of European Real Estate such as FASTIGHETS AB BALDER, in PREMIA PROPERTIES, is our great honor as well as a huge opportunity. The experience, know-how and dynamics of FASTIGHETS AB BALDER are expected to give further impetus to our company, but also to accelerate the implementation of our goals. We look forward to starting this new collaboration, and I personally thank Erik Selin for the trust he has shown us‘’.

On the other hand, Mr. Erik Selin stated: "We are very satisfied with our new investment in PREMIA PROPERTIES. Knowing Elias Georgiadis, both personally and professionally from the field of Real Estate in Sweden, we trust his vision and the successful strategy he follows for so many years in his business. With this in mind, we chose PREMIA PROPERTIES, a company with great dynamics and impressive growth, but also a market like Greece, which today has excellent growth prospects. "