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Starwood' REIT strictly limiting its investors’ ability to exit

Faced with dwindling liquidity and a wave of demands from investors, Sternlicht’s investment vehicle blocks the doors.

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"Reverse mortgage" the new trend in the real estate market

Home equity lending, with a reverse mortgage, is increasingly recognized as an effective solution.

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MYTILINEOS is considering a potential listing in the LSE

The strategic review is intended to ensure that MYTILINEOS maintains its growth trajectory

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Mortgage Rates in the USA climb above 7% for first time in 2024

The average rate on 30-year mortgages, the most popular home loan in the United States, rose to 7.1 percent this week, Freddie Mac reported on Thursday.

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The countries with the most certified "green" buildings

The annual ranking highlights countries and regions outside the United States that are making significant strides in sustainable building design, construction and operation.

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How FRMs potentially delayed central bank interest rate cuts

Mortgage and real estate markets have undergone several shifts since the global financial crisis and the pandemic.

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Sirius Real Estate completes over €100M of acquisitions and disposes of UK asset

The acquisitions have been made using the proceeds of November's €165 million (£147 million) capital raise.

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Inflation in Turkey approached 70%

The average estimate in a poll of analysts by the Bloomberg agency was 69.1%.

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UK House Prices Decline for the First Time in 3Months

Prices remain at levels that many buyers find difficult to finance, especially with the benchmark lending rate at a 16-year high.

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China’s home sales slump dragged on in March

The value of new-home sales from the 100 biggest real estate companies slid about 46% from a year earlier to 358 billion yuan.