An airplane-shaped tiny home built from the Woods' in the Woods

An airplane-shaped tiny home built from the Woods' in the Woods

The architectural office Hello Wood shapes a different residential model.
RE+D magazine

For a few months now, Lujzi Pados has been able to live her dream. A few months ago she asked for a little house in which she could spend time with her friends and the Hungarian architectural office Hello Wood decided to make her dream come true.

A twelve-year-old Hungarian girl's love of travel, especially by plane, led the architects to a small house reminiscent of an aircraft, Lujzi participated with elaborate ideas and drawings she made on paper.

It might look like a giant toy "that flew out of a cartoon and landed in the meadow" but Lujzi's jet is a fully functional lodge.

The Hello Wood team started the project last January and the Jet House was completed in November.

Although it took just under a year from start to finish, the architects only needed about three months to build the actual cabin.

The total floor area of the building is approximately 207 square feet, excluding wings and stairs leading to the entrance.

Despite its size, the tiny house has a kitchenette, a living room, a bathroom and even a double bed — which is in the nose of the plane, he added.

Located in the wooded hills of Zala County in southwestern Hungary, the tiny house called the 'Jet House' reveals a child's realm: arches and curves, round windows, pastel blue wood cladding and a staircase that mimics aircraft scales.