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Wellness market to dominate consumption in the coming years

Findings of a recent McKinsey survey

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65% of property owners cannot renovate

A pan-European survey on whether property owners want and can renovate their home was conducted by the International Union of Property Owners (UIPI) of which the Hellenic Property Federation (HPF) is a member.

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The participation  criteria for the new "Saving - Being Autonomous"

By the end of the summer, the new, even more targeted program for energy upgrade subsidies "Saving - Being Autonomous" will be announced, according to what the Minister of Environment and Energy, Costas Skrekas, said in an interview with the "NEA Savvatokyriakou" tv show.

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Family businesses are triumphing over covid19

For many family businesses, an unexpected and positive outcome of the pandemic was the gift of time.

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Steadily upward trend in apartment prices

The rise in property prices continued, in the midst of the pandemic.

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Premia Properties builds on a €1B portfolio

The offering is expected to be finalized by mid July.

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Unemployment fell to 16% in January

The unemployment rate stood at 16% in January 2021, and fell from 16.4% in January 2020 and 15.6% in December 2020, which was corrected downwards.

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Prodea: Office industry proved "resilient" to COVID-19

Net returns were reported between 5.25% to 6.50% and gross returns between 5.75% to 7%.

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A 60% "Dive" in global air traffic in 2020

The coronavirus pandemic caused a 60% drop in air passenger traffic worldwide in 2020 and the short-term outlook remains bleak, according to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

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The future of Customer Service and Contact Centers

If a few years ago someone asked how we imagine the future of Customer Service and Contact Centers in general, one would surely speculate that little by little the most traditional form of remote service, the telephone, would be declining. And yet, this is not what happen.