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The Cypriot group Thanos Hotels and Resorts is expanding into Greece

The Cypriot group presented an investment plan with a three-year horizon.

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At €167.5 million, the value of Dimand's properties. The outlook for 2024

The fair value of the Group’s investment properties (incl. inventories) amounted on December 31, 2023, to €167.5mn vs €97.0mn as of December 31, 2022

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HELLENiQ ENERGY' Scholarships for master's degrees in Greece and abroad

In scientific fields such as engineering and energy, environmental sciences, etc.

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Dividend distribution and portfolio increase to €212 million announced by BriQ

The second phase of the merger with ICI is in progress.

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Lamda Development sold a 469 sqm landplot in the Ellinikon

The management of the hotel and the branded residences will be assigned to an internationally renowned management company.

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MYTILINEOS and KARATZIS sign a 210MW green PPA

Under the PPA signed, MYTILINEOS will be able to offtake 80% of the energy produced, enhancing further its green supply basket.

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The utilization of public property could solve the housing crisis

The solution to the housing problem is to transform the unused and abandoned State properties with a set of apartments, commented Mr.Stasinos

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Moxy Athens City: Four new spaces ideal for meetings

The rooms from 25 to 115 sqm, with a total area of 207 sq.m., can accommodate meetings of up to 105 people.

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Infrastructure upgrade projects in the ports of Souda and Stylida

The Project Preparation Facility (PPF) unit of HRADF undertakes the maturation and implementation of the tender process, with the Beneficiary being the Ministry of Shipping and Insular Policy as the Ministry of Responsibility