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"MYTILINEOS" on another strategic investment in North Macedonia

The investment is expected to reach c.€211 million.

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Resolute Hellas inks deal to purchase Piraeus Real Estate

The transaction is considered to be in line with Piraeus general strategy to reduce costs and exploit its assets and is estimated to result reducing its operating costs c.€5 million annually.

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  News Listed  |  Greece
Periklis Londos was appointed Intrakat's new Director of Financial Services

The position was previously held by Sotirios Karamagiolis.

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IPTO covers for the first time in the history of the Greek electricity grid the demand completely though RES

The increased participation of Renewable Sources in the energy mix, also brings significant financial benefit to consumers.

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More vouchers available through the North Evia - Samos Pass scheme

According to the figures to date a cumulative amount of more than €4.72 million that have been allocated.

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Investing in real estate hasn’t been easy of late

While the S&P 500 slid 21% year to date, REITs plunged 30%, per the MSCI US REIT Index. CNBC reports

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  News Listed  |  Economy  |  Greece
George Kormas steps down from his posistion in Piraeus Real Estate Management SA

Mr. Kormas will keep a close cooperation with "Piraeus Real Estate Management SA".

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The new Ellinikon sports center construction project's bidders

The project refers to an area of ​​approximately 300 thousand square meters at the northwest end of the Park.

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The major redevelopment of OSE's central railway Larissa Station surrounding area in Athens

In order to improve the space used by the visitors, the technical services of the municipality installed new turf on an area of 805 sq.m.

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Four investors have expressed interest to purchase a 20% stake in IPTO's Ariadni Interconnection subsidiary

Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO) SA will evaluate the submitted expressions of interest within the month of October.