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The old municipal hospital of Patras is being renovated

The budget for the project is 10,696,860 euros and has been included in the public investment program.

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Hotel chains are expanding in Turkey

Istanbul has the highest number of hotels with 221, followed by Antalya with 155 and Muğla province with 73.

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Boutique Hotels' members increase above 200

The Boutique Hotel mark is an official certification for small hotels in Greece that offer exceptional aesthetics and innovative services.

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Goldman Sachs' major tourist investment in Halkidiki

The investment project has a budget of €107.6 million and involves the renovation of the Kallithea hotel complex, which spans 158 acres and boasts 850 meters of beachfront.

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Part of the Theater Museum will be housed in the Soutsou House

The Ministry of Culture has announced that the Central Council of Newer Monuments of the Ministry of Culture has approved the final study for the restoration.

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Who are investing in Greek golden visa and how many of those are inhabiting the country

Chinese investors, who previously showed great interest in this, come from a middle-class background and represent only a small percentage of investors.

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Isrotel launches ALUMA hotels in Athens

Isrotel, a hotel chain with 23 hotels across Israel, has launched a new expansion under the name ALUMA.

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Noval delivers Seagull' warehouse in Mandra

The property boasting a large dry cargo storage capacity is an exceptional, innovative and environmentally sustainable Logistics Centre.

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Manhattan apartment prices still close to all time highs

The median price on new leases was $4,150, up 1.3% from January 2023.