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  REIC  |  Hotels  |  Thessaloniki
Pangaea REIC acquires Lazart Hotel

Lazart Hotel has 74 spacious rooms and offers luxurious accommodation in a privileged spot of Thessaloniki.

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  News REIC  |  Hotels  |  Europe
Pangaea purchases Zeus Int. leased hotel in Nicosia

The share purchase price amounted to €11.2 million of which €7.6 million was paid upon the transfer of the shares.

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BriQ Properties purchases office building in Maroussi

The REIC purchased EUROCO office building for €1.400.000.

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  News REIC  |  Office  |  Greece
REICs looking for prime assets to make new office spaces

A year ago the coronavirus pandemic ended up drastically changing the way we work, since teleworking became the new rule.

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  News REIC  |  Greece
Total value of BriQ's 28 properties reaches € 100,4 million

BriQ Properties R.E.I.C.(the "Company") announces that the total value of its 28 properties(Company and subsidiaries)amounted to € 100,4 million according to Company’s Investment Schedule dated 31.12.2020.

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  News REIC  |  Retail  |  Crete
Grivalia acquires Praktiker’s premises in Heraclio,Crete

The €8,5 million investment was financed by a capital increase plan which was fully completed not later than the end of 2014.

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  News REIC  |  Hotels  |  Peloponnese
Dolphin Capital Partners and Grivalia acquires Amanzoe

The net consideration to be paid to DCI by the purchasers according to their proportion amounts to €5.8million.

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Trastor acquires office property in Athens, Mesogion Ave.

The property is in a modern Business Complex, located in the center of Athens, at 109-111 Mesogion Ave.

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Grivalia acquires 49% stake in Piraeus Port Plaza 2

The asset will be leased to a multinational company with strong presence in Greece.

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  News REIC  |  Hotels  |  Aegean islands
BriQ Properties acquires the Paros Mr & Mrs White hotel

New strategic partnership of BriQ Properties with HotelBrain