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The balance of travel services posted a surplus of €1,538.9 million in May 2023

Travel receipts in May 2023 rose by 24.8% to €1,748.1 million, from €1,400.7 million in May 2022

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An airplane-shaped tiny home built from the Woods' in the Woods

The architectural office Hello Wood shapes a different residential model.

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GJVS INVESTMENTS, a strong alliance vehicle for investments in tourism industry

Big names from the field of tourism and technology.

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Southern Europe recorded the largest annual decrease in total investment volume in Q2 2023

According to Savills total investment volume for the second quarter of the year will be around €33bn, will represent a 57% drop compared to the same period last year.

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June home sales drop to the slowest pace in 14 years in the USA

Compared with June of last year, sales were 18.9% lower. That is the slowest sales pace for June since 2009.

Aristotle University's property is being converted into a boutique hotel

It is a two-story building with a shop on the ground floor

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Rents in prime residential areas increased in the first half of 2023

In which areas have increased the most according to a report by Savills.

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Strong investment interest from firms in the hotel sector for the Bodosakis Mansion

The historic property with a total area of 12,819 m2, which used to house Eurobank's headquarters in recent years, remains vacant.

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Techniki Olympiaki finalises deal with Intrum

The proposed price will amounts to €19,800,000.