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  Investments  |  Economy  |  Tourism  |  Hotels  |  Peloponnese
The big tourist project in Argolis close to maturity

The hotel thatwas designed by Mold Architects is in phase of licensing.

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  News Economy  |  Residential  |  Greece
The regions that recorded soaring home prices in 2022

Impressive increases in rents throughout 2022

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Ownership in the preserved industrial premises of Allatini Mills has resulted in two shares following the recent e-auction

The long-awaited utilization of the preserved industrial property is emerging to be complicated.

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M7 expands with the acquisition of seven UK value-add industrial and warehouse assets

The acquisitions comprise two multi-tenant light industrial assets and five single-tenant warehouses.

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  News Economy  |  Tourism  |  Other  |  Thessaloniki
The former municipal slaughterhouses of Thessaloniki will be transformed into a virtual industrial museum

This small building, that today is completly abandoned is to be reconstructed.

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The historic property of the "Allatini Mills" industry up in e-auction

Belonged to the Italian-Jewish Allatini family and designed by the Italian architect, Vitaliano Pozelli

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London offices that comply with ESG standards are over 25% more expensive

Demand for sustainable offices is high, which means prices are, too.

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Intracom Group launches "Intracom Properties" to spin-off its real estate portfolio

The General Assembly of shareholders approved the 17.11.2022 Draft Demerger Agreement.

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Turkish developers are to remodel Barcelona’s Camp Nou

The work is expected to begin in June, the Spanish club said after board of directors’ meeting.