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  Investments  |  Economy  |  Europe  |  Analysis
Signs of decreasing investments in European real estate

Cautious manipulations and defensive strategies

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  News Economy  |  Residential  |  Greece
The regions that recorded soaring home prices in 2022

Impressive increases in rents throughout 2022

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Intrakat launches a pilot project in Athens Metro line 2

The project refers to mobile signal coverage and internet access inside tunnels and stations.

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The tender for the utilization of the Volos Port was extended

The tender refers to the majority of the company's share capital, that amounts to at least 67%.

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Ownership in the preserved industrial premises of Allatini Mills has resulted in two shares following the recent e-auction

The long-awaited utilization of the preserved industrial property is emerging to be complicated.

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M7 expands with the acquisition of seven UK value-add industrial and warehouse assets

The acquisitions comprise two multi-tenant light industrial assets and five single-tenant warehouses.

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  News Economy  |  Tourism  |  Other  |  Thessaloniki
The former municipal slaughterhouses of Thessaloniki will be transformed into a virtual industrial museum

This small building, that today is completly abandoned is to be reconstructed.

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The historic property of the "Allatini Mills" industry up in e-auction

Belonged to the Italian-Jewish Allatini family and designed by the Italian architect, Vitaliano Pozelli

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  News Investments  |  Economy  |  Greece
An increasing trend was recorded in 2022 in the total demand for natural gas in Greece

An upward trend in gas demand mainly driven by gas exports, was recorded in 2022

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  News Economy  |  Europe
ECB's chief economist calls for further increases in the Bank's policy rate

Although markets now see the deposit rate reaching around 3.3% this summer.