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House prices in Greece close to hit their 2008 highs

Important factors of uncertainty are geopolitical instability, increased inflation, high construction costs, and the deterioration of household purchasing power

Dimand and Piraeus Bank ink landmark deal for real estate development

Dimand undertakes the development of flagship properties owned by the bank.

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The Land Registry in Lamia and Livadia has been completed

All the services provided are now carried out through and

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The redevelopment project of Alimos Marina matures in building permits' issuance phase

What does the Official Gazette provide for the zoning of land uses.

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New projects for road safety in Fthiotida

The projects have a total budget of €1.8 million.

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Energean Strategic sale of Egypt, Italy and Croatia portfolio to Carlyle

The economic effective date of the Transaction is 31 December 2023 (“Effective Date”).

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Greek current account deficit up yoy in April

In April 2024, the current account deficit recorded an increase of €822.0 million year-on-year and stood at €2.7 billion.

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Former Hilton Athens is being regenerated into "THE ILISIAN"

The unit will reopen under Hilton's Conrad and Waldorf Astoria brands.