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Intense investment interest from Balkan investors in the Greek real estate market

Especially following the real estate property price increases observed in Sofia and Belgrade.

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Carrefour is seriously considering re entering the Greek grocery market

The supermarket chain is preparing to return to the Greek market after about ten years.

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JYSK's store renovation scheme

The renovation is based on the new "concept" of the chain.

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  News Economy  |  Analysis
BoG: interest rate on new loans to households was reduced by 21bps

The interest rate spread between new deposits and loans decreased to 3.68 percentage points.

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Increasing investment activity for student housing in 2021. The case of Greece

According to Savills, student numbers increased significantly last year (2020–2021) in most European countries.

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  News Investments  |  REIC  |  Retail
TRADE ESTATES REIC purchases retail park in Neo Faliro

The Retail Park is located at 54 Piraeus Street, in Neo Faliro and covers an area of 14,895 sq.m.

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Improvement in operating conditions across the Greek manufacturing sector

Greek manufacturers signalled an encouraging end to 2021 as production expanded at a faster pace.

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Three quarters of institutional investors now more likely to “divest” from ESG

Many investors are concerned about the quality and transparency of ESG reporting on the part of the companies that they consider.

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  Data Analysis  |  INDICES  |  AthEx
Total gains for the Athens Stock Exchange reaches 10% in 2021

The shares of the IT sector stood out, focusing on corporate bonds.