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Greek visitors retrieve their pro-covid tourism habits

Road trips and the "tourism for all" program had been the two main travel channels that Greek tourists used the most this summer.

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The UAE are recovering post covid as a global economic an business hub

UAE plan to attract $150billion of direct foreign investments in a nine years timeframe.

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Commencement of the construction of the Natural Gas Plant in Komotini

The construction of the new state-of-the-art plant is of strategic importance.

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Foreign institutional investors offer a "vote of confidence" in Greek bonds

More than 80% of the issuance of Greek bonds seems to have been covered by foreign institutional investors, thus giving once again a "vote of confidence" in the country's economy.

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Israelis are investing in European real estate through Hines

$ 108 million were raised by Israeli investors for the Hines European Value Fund 2 (HEVF 2).

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  News Economy  |  Greece
Ellactor's turnover decreased by 10% in the first half

The turnover of the Ellactor group was reduced to € 393 million by 10% during the first half of 2021 compared to the corresponding period last year, where it was € 438 million.

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WeWork to operate working spaces in Saks stores

The luxury retailer plans to launch more office spaces to target people who work remotely from the suburbs.

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HIP secures financing from Alpha Bank for new investments in Greece

HIP is owned by real estate funds, managed by Blackstone.

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Hyatt Hotels acquires Apple Leisure for $2,7B in cash

By the end of 2020 Apple Leisure Group (ALG), has also taken over the management of three hotel units in Greece in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic.