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Lampsa purchases Rhode's Sheraton hotel

The company said it planned to fully absorb Touristika Theretra SA by the end of 2018.

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HRADF pre-qualifies interested parties for two Greek ports

The Board of Directors of the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF) convened today and pre-qualified the interested parties that meet the eligibility criteria to participate in Phase B (Binding Offers Phase) of the following tender processes

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The tender for the purchase of 800 buses goes through public consultation

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has put the tender document for the supply of 800 buses for the "Renewal of the city bus fleet for the major areas of Attica and Thessaloniki" through public consultation.

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PPP projects of € 310 million for 12 courthouses

The construction of seven new and the reconstruction of five existing Courthouses in Central Macedonia, Central Greece and Crete were approved by the Interministerial PPP Committee, which met by teleconference on Thursday.

Reuters advertises the Athens' "pocket parks"

The "pocket parks" that have been embraced by the Athenians were identified by Reuters, that wrote an extensive article, in which it characteristically states that "The Greek capital started transforming small plots once ridden with garbage and weeds, in a bid to tackle its chronic pollution"

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Grupo Dolphin liquidates its portfolio and seeks to exit the Greek market

Mindlin was able to invest in Greek properties -at a relative bargain- at a time when the country has been experiencing its crisis pick and was engaged in MoU agreements with its creditors.

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Thomas Cook invests in 2 new hotel properties in Greece

Following these acquisitions, the joint venture has almost doubled its portfolio in one year, in nine locations, four of which are located in Greece.

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Hines Buys Iconic Greece Office Asset

The company expanded its Athens footprint with the addition of a building, home to the Brazillian and Portuguese embassies, as well as Mastercard.

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Hines inks deal with NBG to redevelop the Athens Heart Mall

The international real estate firm said it has entered into a joint venture with NBG.

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Blackstone announces the acquisition of five hotel in Greece

The five hotel businesses are located in the Greek Islands with two in Corfu, two in Zante and one in Crete.