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  REIC  |  Greece
End titles for the Kallitsantsi administration in Ellactor

During the General Meeting of the listed company the shareholders proceeded to vote against the first two items of the agenda, which concerned the reduction and increase of the share capital of ELLAKTOR, while the proposal of the Dutch for the appointment of a new management "passed" with a percentage of 61.27%.

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Comp proposes a Solomonian solution for Thriasio

The development of the freight center in the Thriasio field is becoming more vague, after the "ultimatum" of the EU Competition Commission (DG Comp) which requests, for the implementation of the project, on the one hand the doubling of the entrance fee by the concessionaire at the same time with the reduction of the concession period to 37 years, while stipulating that “if the return on investment exceeds 9% this will be shared between the parties ", without however specifying whether this concerns the excessive percentage or determining how it will be shared.

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  Legal Laws  |  Greece  |  Retail
Rent payment suspended again during February

The full suspension of rent payments by companies that were closed by state order during the first fortnight of January, extends for February, as announced by the Ministry of Finance.

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  Legal Laws  |  Greece  |  Residential
Real estate taxes as a source of funding for local authorities

A survey that describes in detail both the options and the resources of the municipalities today, as well as the exact operation of the real estate taxes and, more specifically, of the well-known ENFIA property tax, paid by the Greek taxpayers since 2013, was carried out by diANEOsis.

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"Green Light" for Asteria Glyfada's privatization

The environmental impact report was approved by authorities, although regional dwellers raise arguments on investor's intention to constraint access in the area.

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Tender process for the concession of the marina of Kalamaria is launched

The Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF) launches an international public competitive tender process for the concession the marina of Kalamaria.

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Overthrow in the Egnatia Odos' tender

The privatization fund (HRADF) will finally give the opportunity to submit bids for the Egnatia Odos to the two consortia that won the precautionary measures in the Council of State (CoS), as there was no further extension provided on December 11th.

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Extension to the "block" of the IPTO Western Corridor

Extension to the "block" of the Western Corridor as a result of the appeal of the Agioi Theodoroi Monastery was decided by the court.

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One step closer to the seaplanes' mega project

The mega project of seaplanes and the operation of waterways is getting closer and closer to...take-off, as their construction and licensing procedures are in full swing throughout Greece.

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"Green light" from the EU for the northern part of E65

The infrastructure project of the northern part of the E65 motorway has been approved as compatible with EU law by the European Commission's DG COMP (Directorate-General for Competition)