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The Commission has proposed detailed rules to define what constitutes renewable hydrogen in the EU

The Acts will now be transmitted to the European Parliament and the Council, which have 2 months to scrutinise them and to either accept or reject the proposals.

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EDP Renewables inaugurates in Brazil its largest renewable complex

EDP Renewables maintains its focus on the Brazilian market, where it has already installed over 1.1GW of renewable energy.

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The average Overall Industrial Production Index increase 2,3% in 2022

The seasonally adjusted Overall Industrial Production Index in December 2022

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Two irrigation networks to be refurbished in central Greece

The Interministerial PPP Committee has granted approval for two projects with total budget of c.€195.15M

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World Bank announced initial $1.78B for Türkiye’s Recovery & Reconstruction Efforts After Earthquake Disaster

An additional $1 billion in operations is also being prepared to support people affected as the World Bank provides immediate support for recovery and reconstruction from this catastrophe.

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How an area of 3,000sqm  in Efkarpia will be transformed into an urban forest

The 3,000-acre area, which has been declared reforestable is located behind the TITAN factory.

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Piraeus Bank S.A' stake in MIG increased at 49,34%

On 09/02/2023 “Piraeus Bank S.A.” acquired on exchange 74,427,556 shares issued by the Company.

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A potential housing crash could lead central banks to ease monetary policy

According to Bloomberg, central banks warn that higher debt burdens are squeezing homeowners already struggling with inflated food and energy bills.

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Domes Noruz Kassandra to open its doors on April, 2023

The company unveiled the news on social media.