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The Golden Visa at the epicentre of this year's InvestPro Dubai

This year's conference was held in February in the Emirates

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The renovation project of the Kifissia city center under development

The project is being carried out under the supervision of the Engineers of the Technical Service of the Municipality of Kifissia.

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208 public works tenders in various stages of maturity

21 proclamations are expected to be published, with a total public expenditure of 196,959,489 euros.

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Intrakat Group's presence in Real Estate is  being enhanced

The company has renovated from scratch a property with a total area of 7,307 sq.m., built in 1961 in the center of Athens.

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Titan Group BoD proposed a dividend payment of €0.60 per share for 2022

Record sales and strong profitability growth in all markets, in a year marked by cost inflation and uncertainties.

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The world's largest commercial real estate lender and asset manager

Credit Suisse takeover inevitably raises questions about the future of tens of thousands of employees as well as where the combined company will be based.

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5G Ventures partners with Thriasio Logistics Centre for the (D)igital Thriasio project

Thriasio Logistics Centre will be the first integrated state-of-the-art combined transport freight centre in Greece.

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The sale of a majority stake in the Igoumenitsa Port was completed

The signature of the share purchase agreement takes place after the approval of the Court of Auditors.